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*    HOA Security

* Gated Communities

*   Retail Complex Security

*   Patrol Security

*    Commercial Complex

*    Alarm Response

*    Warehouse

*    Parking Enforcement

*    Loss Prevention

*    Armed Security Officers

*    Trade Shows

*    Unarmed Security Officers

*    Large Events

*    Access Control

*    Concerts

*    Bodyguards

*    Stadiums

*    Executive Protection

*    Sporting Events

*    Crowd Control

*    Movie & TV Production

* GSA Federal Contracts


             Private Sector Security is a Southern California based contract security guard and patrol services provider

- We are a leading security company since our inception in 2008. Private Sector is comprised of divisions that address a range of customer needs. These divisions are staffed by employee ambassadors who provide special expertise and responsive service.

- We are growing in the adjacent states of the Southwestern United States. Currently our main focus is Southern California.

- We service contracts in Hollywood, Downtown LA, Santa Monica, West LA, Culver City, San Gabriel Valley, South Bay
  and Venice. Our quality starts and ends with our Security Officers.


Private Sector Security was founded by President, Edgar Cruz, who uniquely combines a background in law enforcement and security to serve his communities. His vision that security is a mission to protect lives, properties, develop employment opportunities and help affiliates partners pursue ethical and regenerative business opportunities.

Massage From the President: 

Please allow me to introduce Private Sector Security. Our value rests in our ability to offer flexible and consultative services based on your unique needs.
In effect, we are a one stop source for reducing your risk and protecting your human, material and financial resources. Our principals have years of experience and an unsurpassed record of achievement in Public Law Enforcement and Security Services management.

We possess the higher level of insurance liability limits for our industry and partner with our clients further to reduce their risk. We take great pride in pursuing continual improvement in our recruiting, staffing, training, and our processes in response to our clients. We are fully licensed and bonded for our areas of expertise.
Please feel free to contact me to request a security site assessment and/or quotation at no obligation to you and your organization or for more information.


Edgar Cruz


The Value of Proactive Security and Safety

A lot of security consultants and companies seem to enjoy playing the part of the hero, entering the scene after you have experienced theft, vandalism, or even injury or loss of human life. 

They can appear as the proverbial “knight in shining armor,” while often trying to exploit a long-term contracts to then deter any further criminal or unethical activity.

At Private Sector, our goal is to live up to our name, and to partner with you to prevent crimes and violent acts through detailed and personal security and safety training. Granted, you may want or need ongoing security services or systems at
Some point. But, our goal is to eliminate or to reduce your risk before an adverse event can occur—“To Lock Them Down!”
Private Sector seeks not the limelight or to be your hero, but to be your effective partner and earn your business. Even the ancient philosophers will agree:

“There is a physician in the neighborhood. He treats a disease in its advanced stages, and only sometimes does the patient recover. He is known throughout the nation. There is a physician in the province. He treats the disease when it first starts, and some of his patients recover. He is famous in that province. My brother in law is a physician. With his knowledge, he prevents the disease, and thereby makes subsequent treatments unnecessary. His fame seldom leaves our neighborhood, and remains only with those wise enough to appreciate his great talent.”
(A Paraphrase—from Sun Tzu’s Art of War)

         " Taking Protection to the next level "